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"So What Is It That You Actually Do"?

What we call experiments, you might call projects, programs or strategic initiatives. We think of our work as experiments because it enables us to be more curious, reap greater benefits and better fulfil the potential in each piece of work.

Through colleagues and trusted partners we conduct and deliver experiments for small and large clients in any part of the world.

We work cross sector, cross industry, cross life cycle with a portfolio of clients and partners that include large corporations, nations, universities, start-ups, single individuals with potent ideas, NGOs and not-for profit organisations

For these clients we most often do either or all of three different things. Firstly, we help develop potential, potential in ideas, concepts, people, relationships, groups, organisations, services, products and markets. Secondly, we help create coordinated action in the direction that really matters. This means we bring people together to help them discover common ground and co-create their future. Thirdly, we design and deliver opportunities for individuals and groups to prepare and practice being more effective in both life and business.
The value we therefore provide to our clients are: Help to close the gap between idea and action, between good intentions and what really happens. To increase readiness for an increasingly complex world, to future proof what an organisation and its stakeholders can make happen, do and respond to. And finally, to help them to tap into their positive core, collective intelligence and ability to innovate.

We are Boomtags. Nice to meet you.


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You sometimes experience a deep desire of wanting to stand up. Standing up for what you believe in. Standing up for what you know is possible.

You feel you don’t belong where you are right now. You think too differently, you aspire to too much, you care too passionately, the quality is too low, the impact is too shallow and there seems to be little purpose to what you do.

You might have good ideas but you are not getting enough traction in realising them and you are looking for a platform to fulfil your dreams, possibilities and potential.

You might be young and feel you don’t have the space and trust to adequately step up to what you are capable of.

You might be a researcher or aspiring entrepreneur who wants to find brave clients and exciting partners who can help put your ideas into action.

You might be running your own business already but you want to expand your portfolio, push yourself and your practice, and work with other exceptional people and possibilities.

You might be of an earlier generation who has retired from conventional work but you have more to contribute and many days you feel an itch to stay involved with worthwhile causes and exciting projects.

You have a big heart, an open mind and a fire in your belly. You have dreams, fears, hopes and anxieties and you are willing to bring these, the whole you, to us, our clients and the world.


We have stood up.

We believe we all have a positive duty to make things better and to leave the world a better place than we found it.

We are doing just that.

We are serious and playful, scientific and intuitive, theoretical and practical, rigorous and spontaneous, in love with the future and respectful of the past, persistent and non-attached.

We are entrepreneurs, independent thinkers, visionaries, dreamers and doers. We are kind, courageous, commercial and compassionate.

We are different and the same. Some of us have degrees from the finest universities on the planet; others have no degrees at all. Some of us speak many languages; some of us speak only one. We come from different walks of life, we tell different stories and have different ways of thinking, but what we all have in common is that we are held together in our core beliefs, our aspirations and what we are passionate about.

We wear tailored suits on one day and jeans and sneakers on the next.

We conduct experiments that further the potential of the world.

We believe there are more of us. We believe there are many of us. We want to find you. Are you one of us?

We are Boomtags. Are you?


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Boomtags conducts experiments to further the potential of the world.

Boomtags conducts experiments to further the potential of the world.

We think of everything we do as an experiment. This means we ask different questions, we apply different lenses and both you and us learn more than what we otherwise would have.

We are not fluffy, we eat pivot tables for breakfast and ROI metrics for lunch.

We know what we do. We understand the difference between correlation and causation. We are acutely aware of our own psychological biases and aggressively questioning of the assumptions we carry with us.

Everything we do is anchored in or inspired by science, pragmatism and free thought.

We work with what is - what is real, what is relevant and what is possible.

We have all the nice degrees, pedigrees, and references your boss and your Board want us to have.

We help you when you sometimes wake up and wonder what the meaning is of what you are doing. When you are bored with what is, scared about standing still, or excited about what is possible.

We help you when your results are not what you want them to be but you don’t really know what to do next, when your intuition tells you there is probably a better way of doing something but you haven’t discovered it yet, when you want to shake things up in a constructive way, when your people don’t talk to each other or run in different directions, when you don’t know if your people are capable of what you want them to deliver.

We believe that in every human encounter and in any organised human activity there is room for improvement, there is more potential than what is being fulfilled, we find this potential and we bring it to life.

The “world” is a big word and that is exactly how we want it to be. We are unapologetic and proud of our scope and our ambitions. We love what we do and we know we are making an impact.

We want everything we do to fulfil the potential of everyone involved, you, me, them, everybody.

Boomtags is not for everyone and not everyone is for us.

We are the Sex Pistols of leadership development, the Picasso of management consulting, the Wagner of large group interventions, the Tino Sehgal of organisational encounters.

In everything we do, we believe ourselves to have a responsibility to stand up against convention, laziness, the status quo, genericism, and complexification.

In everything we do, we make a difference by infusing new energy, not being boring, bringing courageous combinations, tickling many senses, and shadoffing.

We think of ourselves as both artists and scientists.

We are playful, daring, surprising and caring.

We are Boomtags.